Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lychee icecream

With temperatures soaring I have been craving for cool drinks and icecream. I enjoy making icecream and frozen yogurt at home. I usually make it the traditional way by reducing milk by boiling it and then adding the flavoring ingredients like fruits or nuts. In India I remember going out to eat street ice cream at night with friends and/or family from road side icecream vendors.

We had a popular vendor called Rajasthan kulfiwala who had all imaginable flavors of ice cream. I loved the fruit flavored ones, especially Sitafal ice cream. His place used to be crowded and our scooters would become chairs to sit and enjoy the treat. These places are like drive-ins, except there are no organized lanes. Everyone parks right in front of the stall, sits on their own vehicles and enjoys the food. It is so chaotic but still the transactions are smooth with no confusion. Everyone gets their right order as quick as it can get.

I had recently bought some lychee fruit. It is so juicy, fragrant and sweet and tastes different from any other fruit. I decided to make ice cream with it. I had bookmarked an ice cream recipe from a wonderful cookbook by Laxmi Hiremat. This is  adapted from her kulfi recipe. (The quantity of condensed milk can be reduced a little bit if desired as lychee is really sweet).
The ice cream turned out absolutely wonderful and delicious. It can be made the traditional way too by boiling milk, adding sugar or condensed milk and after it cools adding the fruit to it.
This version is rich and full of calories but requires no cooking and is delicious, just like our roadside ice cream.

1 14 oz can condensed milk (can use a little less depending on the sweetness of fruit)
1 12 oz can evaporated milk
1 cup cream
1 1/2 cups lychee peeled and pitted

Put all the ingredients in a blender and pulse a few times. Lychee should be chopped but not pureed. Now pour the mixture in an ice cream maker and churn it till done or pour it in molds or any container and freeze it.


  1. heheheh I had green pista kulfi from rajasthan kulfiwaala just the other day. but seriously he does not have lychee flavour, and I'm dying to try this out! I have also had tender coconut and jackfruit flavoured icecreams in bangalore, which were delicious too! Recently, my mother-in-law had made rum and raisin ice cream by mixing raisin and mixed nuts soaked in rum with the icecream mixture, and also added a bit of coffee powder. it was quite good. :-)

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  3. I can almost taste the ice cream! You write like a dream.